# Fortnite

When? Wed 01 Aug 13:00
Format? Team vs Team
Where? Online
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De allernieuwste, snelst groeiende Battle Royale game mag natuurlijk niet ontbreken CampZone dit jaar, dus ook voor Fortnite organiseren wij een competitie!

Fortnite is op dit moment misschien wel hét allerpopulairste gratis online spel, met een zeer gemixt publiek, en wij hebben toegang weten te krijgen tot een exclusieve custom competitie server! Fortnite is een 100-speler PvP Battle Royale met destructible omgeving. Bijna alles kan kapot, maar dat is niet het enige unieke aspect van deze game. Door de introductie van crafting en building is dit spel een soort heftige Minecraft, met betere graphics en meer geweld, en iedereen weet natuurlijk dat meer geweld = meer beter. Ook ontbreekt het dit spel gelukkig niet aan cosmetics in de vorm van dansjes en skins, want niks voelt fijner dan in een roze berenpak te dabben nadat je iemand helemaal kapot geschoten hebt.

Trommel jouw squad van vier op, trek je beste skins aan, doe een gek dansje en schrijf je in voor onze Fortnite competitie om fantastische prijzen te winnen!


We will play multiple rounds, the exact amount of rounds will be determined on the amount of subscribed players prior to the start of the competition.
For each round, an exact starting time will be communicated, and a corresponding token. You will use this token in the 'custom match' button in the gamemode selection menu.
At the given time you will select 'Play' in which there is a timeframe to join the server. After a five minute waiting period, we will start the match.

At the end of the match, each individual player much make a screenshot of his match statistics and upload this to the admins (details on this will be provided). A missing screenshot will lead to no points received for kills.

Point Distribution:
Points: The points that each team gets for their finishing place in a match are displayed in the following table:

1st Place: 100
2nd Place: 80
3: 69
4: 62
5: 55
6-10: 50
11-15: 40
16-20: 30
21-25: 20

In addition: your team will receive four points for each kill.

Streaming: You are allowed to stream your own team’s gameplay. If your stream shows gameplay that is not your own from an ongoing match you will be disqualified.
Observing streamers that have made an arrangement with the organization must make sure they stream with a delay of at least 10 minutes and that none of the gameplay from the current match can be relayed to playing participants.

Substitute players: Substitutions are permanent, this means that once team member A has been substituted for team member B, team member A may no longer participate in the event. Substitute players are allowed if and only if they have their own seat at the event, have not yet participated in the tournament and the team still has at least one of the original members. The substitution has to be approved by the tournament admin.

Communication with the admins and organization: All communication will go through CampZone’s Discord server.https://discord.gg/S47V4W8 If for any reason discord can’t be used, the admins are available at the competition desk.

Unsportsmanlike behaviour: If you or anyone on your team is reported for racial slurs or targeted harassment and investigation shows this to be true you may have points deducted from your score or your team can be disqualified.
Abusing exploits and bugs will be met with disqualification.
Hacks or modifications to the game will be met with disqualification.

Subscribed teams: 9

Confirmed: 8/9 (89%)
4 kleine babiesConfirmed
Never Lucky #13Confirmed
Rick AstleyConfirmed
Squads4Live Confirmed
Team Antoon FortniteConfirmed
Team ArcadeConfirmed
Team PubgConfirmed


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